Build with Celo on Toucan

The B_WC Hackathon season has started. Use Toucans infrastructure to integrate real climate action into your existing project or to build a dApp that improves the VCM. $20k in prices up for grabs!

Build with Celo on Toucan

Exciting news for developers and those interested in learning about building on open blockchains: The B_WC Hackathon season has officially started, and we are happy to announce that we are a top partner! B_WC is a four-month-long hackathon designed to foster innovation and collaboration within the Celo ecosystem.

In this blog post, we'll

  • provide an overview of the B_WC Hackathon
  • introduce the first event that focuses on building with tokenized carbon credits with Toucan Protocol
  • Explore the developer resources that are available for participants
Secure 💸 from the 20k prize pool and continue building your climate-positive app.

What is Build With Celo (B_WC)?

B_WC is a virtual multi-month hackathon that invites developers around the globe to build on ideas for the common good.  Every month of the hackathon comes with a new challenge. Use these challenges as opportunities to iterate and improve on your idea, or to build out a new idea.

The first series of events of B_WC helps you use Toucans infrastructure to integrate real climate action into your existing project, or to build a dApp that improves the VCM (voluntary carbon market).

It runs from 22nd of April till 15th of May.
Sign up here

🥇1st Place : $5000 cUSD
🥈2nd Place : $3000 cUSD
🥉3rd Place : $2000 cUSD
🏅Pool Prize: $10,000 cUSD for 10 projects. $1000 cUSD each

What can you build with Toucan?

The possibilities are endless!
You can build something that helps people and organizations to buy and sell carbon credits, integrate automated retirements into your product, or gamify climate action.

Why tokenizing carbon credits matters

Registries that hold tokenized carbon credits on open blockchains are accessible to everyone. Anyone can independently retire credits (including in sub-tonne denominations). Retirements can be automated, and their data can be fetched from the Graph for stronger net-zero claims. Show the public why tokenized carbon credits should live on public blockchains — build something that takes advantage of their composability.

We need everyone to contribute to climate action. With tools that help companies participate in climate finance, we help unlock important resources that incentivize positive impact. 

Developer Resources