Toucan @ETHAmsterdam

We're so excited to be present at ETHAmsterdam and DevConnect, and, most of all, to meet and make many new ReFi friends! Here's where Team Toucan will be speaking, buidling, and hanging out!

Toucan @ETHAmsterdam

Dear Toucan community, ReFi friends & DeCarbonized readers!
We're so excited to be present at ETHAmsterdam and DevConnect, and, most of all, to meet and make many new ReFi friends!

Here's where Team Toucan will be speaking, buidling, and hanging out! 👇

Toucan at ETH Amsterdam
Please note: This post will continuously be updated as more speakers & schedules are locked down. Check back to stay up to date!

April 20th to April 22th: Coworking @ DevConnect

Toucans will be coworking from the DevConnect Coworking Space at Beurs van Berlage.  
A few of us will be around as early as Tuesday, April 19th. Thursday, April 21th, and Friday, April 22th, are ideal days to schedule in-person meetings with us.

Where: Coworking Space Beurs van Berlage

Wednesday, April 20th: Toucan Ship & Launch Party

Toucans embark on a ship docked in the center of Amsterdam. Here is where we'll be staying until Sunday, April 24th. We'll have a welcome reception (all friends are welcome to come by and say hi), and then proceed to the Toucan Launch Party at Radio Radio.

(Attention: The launch party is invite only due to limited space. Reach out to us if you'd like to join.)

Where: Launch party at Radio Radio; Toucan Ship dock will be shared directly when reaching out to us!

If you'd like to visit us on the ship or meet us at the coworking space during the ETHAmsterdam week, please reach out to us via Twitter or keep an eye on the ETH Amsterdam channel on our Discord!

Thursday, April 21th: Schelling Point

Schelling Point, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Schelling Point is a one-day celebration of coordination, public goods, and regenerative finance. Toucan will be present at Re:Generate Schelling Point.

How might we regenerate Earth 🌏 and build with Carbon 🌿?

Speakers from Toucan:

  • Beth McCarthy - Introducing Re:generate
    What is Re:generate, and what will we learn in today's workshops
  • Alex Lazar, Marcel, JohnX
    Making Programmable Carbon Accessible: How to Build with Toucans Offset Helper

Where: Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Workshop Stage, 9:50 am - noon

Friday, April 22th: ETH Amsterdam Hackathon

Toucan Founder Raphael and our Dev team will be at the ETH Amsterdam hackathon opening ceremony. $7000 in prizes sponsored by Toucan are up for grabs:

  • Best Toucan protocol improvement or extension prize - $5000
  • Best integration of Toucan products prize - $3,000

Our Toucan builders will stay at the Hackathon throughout the event.

What you can expect from the Hackathon:

  • A total of $200k+ in prizes
  • Mentorship + learning opportunities
  • Collaborate with builders from around the world
  • POAP Tokens to show off to your friends

More information:

The rest of us will be coworking at Beurs van Beurlage. This is a great day to schedule meetings or lunch with us, or to just come by and say hi! Message us on Twitter or Discord to get in touch with us!

Where: Beurs van Berlage

Saturday, April 23th: Hackathon & Day Sail

Toucan hackers and our supporting dev team will be at the hackathon for the entire day.

The rest of the Toucan Crew & ReFi friends will embark on a day sail for the duration of the afternoon. In the evening, we'll enjoy live music on our ship. If you'd like to come by and meet us, please reach out!

Where: Beurs van Berlage

Sunday, April 24th: Hackathon Awards Ceremony

Closing ceremony & awards for the hackathon winners - Toucan devs will be there! The rest of Team Toucan will be relaxing on our ship or exploring Amsterdam.

Where: Beurs van Berlage

We'd love to meet you!

Questions? Want to chat about ReFi & carbon as a green building block? Have lunch or hang out with us?

Send us a DM on Twitter or reach out to Community Manager Ela via email!

What is Toucan?
Toucan is building the technology to bring the world's supply of carbon credits onto energy-efficient blockchains and turn them into tokens that anyone can use. This paves the way for a more efficient and scalable global carbon market.