Toucan 🤝 Spirals — climate-financing on Celo

We're excited to partner with Spirals on Celo! Spirals redirects block rewards to climate impact, and enables effortless climate financing.

Toucan 🤝 Spirals — climate-financing on Celo

We are excited to announce a partnership between Toucan and Spirals. Our common mission: to make blockchain infrastructure regenerative by design! This partnership is following Toucans recent deployment on Celo, a planet-positive, mobile-first blockchain (and the home of ReFi summer ☀️!)️. Celo is deeply committed to use web3 technology for real-world climate action — and their mission and vision matches ours perfectly!

The collaboration between Spirals and Toucan on the Celo blockchain includes the following:

  • Publicly launch cUSD and CELO staking
  • Choose high impact carbon projects on Toucan, and add them to the review cycle  
  • Purchase tokenized natural assets through Toucan

What is Spirals?

Spirals Protocol is a lightweight protocol that redirects block rewards to climate impact. We work directly with validators to support their climate impact journey.

With Spirals, block rewards aren't used as profit. Instead, they are directed into a smart contract which is governed by all stakers and validators that contribute to the accumulation of block rewards. All stakeholders can collectively vote on which projects receive funding.

The Spirals ecosystem has 5 key stakeholders:

  • Celo holders can make a climate impact while earning yield
  • Validators can effortlessly make a climate impact and attract more delegators
  • Climate Experts are elected to a committee, and have authority to add and remove climate projects eligible for support by the Spirals Community
  • Natural Asset Tokens (which are approved by experts) are purchased proportional to member preferences
  • Members hold $SPRL and can vote on funding allocation & climate experts. You can become a member by earning $SPRL governance through staking, validating, or reviewing projects as a climate expert.

Spirals welcomes design partners and conscious collaborators to take our idea and infrastructure to other environmental and social impact projects beyond carbon. We’re excited by the potential of a programmatic, perpetual funding mechanism for public goods to reimagine how, why and where people choose to stake their crypto.

What is Toucan?

Toucan is building the technology to bring the world’s supply of carbon credits onto energy-efficient blockchains and turn them into tokens that anyone can use. This paves the way for a more efficient and scalable global carbon market. It puts carbon at the heart of decentralized finance and unleashes a transparent flow of money directly into climate projects that make a difference.

Why Toucan & Spirals fit perfectly into the Celo ecosystem

Toucan has been a leader in bringing carbon markets on chain, and Spirals is extremely excited to build towards a regenerative future with us. Building on Celo is quickly becoming an attractive option for climate-impact crypto projects.

Celo’s ecosystem is geared towards creating real-world impact, and has already attracted a host of exciting ReFi projects. Spirals will work on driving underlying changes that make the validator infrastructure regenerative by design. Their launch on Celo is a key milestone in realizing the vision of building an ecological economy that embeds externalities directly into open blockchains.

Let’s make climate impact a default!

We want our new economic system to be built on the rails of good. With Spirals, any Proof of Stake validator can seamlessly transform into a climate-impact funding machine. By building into the core infrastructure of Proof of Stake chains, we impact anything that is happening on top. So, if the building blocks (ie Validators) are regenerative, applications built on them are as well.

Action steps:

  • Stake with Spirals and do your part in combatting the climate crisis
  • If you’re looking to offset your DAO footprint, or are interested in running a validator for impact, please reach out to Spirals on Twitter