Climate Action, Now on Base

Climate Action, Now on Base

What if every transaction could have a positive impact? It can with CHAR by Toucan. Backed by real-world carbon assets, CHAR integrates climate action into our economic systems. Now, anyone can fund carbon removal with onchain activity.

This Earth Day:

  • CHAR is available on Base – a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain. 
  • Toucan is offering $250k in builder grants – available to climate positive innovators around the world.

What is CHAR?

CHAR is a liquid asset backed by biochar CO2 Removal Certificates certified by For each CHAR minted, one tonne of carbon has been verifiably removed from the environment.

The Toucan bridge links credits with TCO2s (tokenized carbon credits), where each TCO2 retains data about the original offchain asset. CHAR is then minted by depositing eligible TCO2s into the CHAR carbon pool. The exchange from TCO2 to CHAR thereby converts an illiquid and unique asset into one that is fungible and liquid.

Just as the chart can be read left to right, it can also be read right to left: CHAR can be redeemed for TCO2s and detokenized for the underlying credits.

Builders can use CHAR to integrate carbon removal into any software product or service. By allocating a portion of your product’s economic activity to the direct retirement of carbon credits, your product’s growth directly contributes to carbon removal.

CHAR also serves carbon credit buyers. Whether you intend to retire, resell, or trade, CHAR is an asset with liquidity and 24/7 open access.

Initial liquidity has been deployed on Uniswap V3. Expect increased liquidity throughout Q2 2024. The official CHAR contract address on Base is 0x20b048fA035D5763685D695e66aDF62c5D9F5055.

How to get involved

  • Builders: Integrate CHAR and get access to our $250k builder rewards pool.
  • Investors: Provide liquidity in secondary markets to enable more efficient trading. Benefit from trading fees and gain exposure to the biochar market.
  • BuyersLearn how to purchase CHAR, whether for retiring or trading. For orders of 25 CHAR or more, contact us directly for assistance.

For any inquiries, please email us at

What’s ahead?

We believe that Base is well-positioned to bring the next billion users onchain. This pursuit of user engagement and growth complements our goal of rapidly expanding access to climate finance. By leveraging the growing activity on Base, we can advance our mission of steering the world towards an economy that respects our planetary boundaries.

Since launching in 2021, Toucan has led the development of liquidity solutions for carbon credits, enabling over $4 billion in onchain volume. We are committed to expanding this infrastructure within the engineered carbon removal market, while improving transparency and accessibility.