Toucan 🤝 Neutral | Exchange for ReFi assets

Toucan and Neutral will further develop market infrastructure for ecological assets🌲with an exchange for ReFi assets.

Toucan 🤝 Neutral | Exchange for ReFi assets

We’re excited to announce a partnership between Toucan and Neutral Protocol. Together, we will further develop market infrastructure for ecological assets.🌲

The partnership between Neutral and Toucan includes:

  1. Bringing Toucan’s assets to Neutral’s exchange. This will lead to improved price discovery and trading activity.
  2. Working together on launching the next generation of structured financial products.
  3. Sourcing liquidity and improving awareness for on-chain carbon assets.
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What is Neutral?

Neutral is building an institutional-grade trading infrastructure for regenerative assets. Traders will be able to trade spot assets and derivative instruments. The trading infrastructure is powered by order books tailored to semi-fungible assets. Market participants will be able to lock in prices for purchases/sales of credits or forwards, hedge their carbon credits or forward holdings according to market sentiment and personal priorities.

Farouq Ghandour, Neutral founder & CEO, says about the partnership:

"We’re really excited by the innovative infrastructure that Toucan is building for the tokenization and curation of carbon assets. They’ve been leaders in the Regenerative Finance space, and they are continuing to innovate to improve carbon markets. It’s been great working alongside the Toucan team to push ReFi markets forward. We are looking forward to what we will launch together this year”
We've chatted to Farouq about Neutral and his journey into the Regenerative Finance space in our "Meet the Founders" series. Read our interview with Farouq

Robert Schmitt, Toucan Co-Founder, says:

"Centralized order book exchanges, like the one Neutral is building, are very important infrastructure to create a liquid carbon market on-chain. We're very excited to support the deep integration of Toucan's infrastructure within Neutral's platform"

What is Toucan?

Toucan is building the technology to bring the world's supply of carbon credits onto energy-efficient blockchains and turn them into tokens that anyone can use. This paves the way for a more efficient and scalable global carbon market.

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