Toucan @ETHBarcelona

We're excited to be present at ETH Barcelona, organized by our lovely friends from DoinGud. But we won't just attend - we'll be offsetting the entire event ✨🌎 to make this ReFi focussed conference carbon-neutral!

Toucan @ETHBarcelona

We're so excited to soon be at ETH Barcelona, organized by our lovely friends from DoinGud. But we won't just attend - we'll be offsetting the entire event ✨🌎 to make this ReFi focussed conference carbon-neutral!

Here's what Team Toucan will be up to on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of July. We can't wait to dive into the solarpunk vibe in one of the most exiting cities in Europe!

Wait, what is ETH Barcelona?

ETH Barcelona is an experience for web3 builders, leaders, thinkers, artists and creators that celebrate the values of decentralization, public goods and social impact. Speakers & participants will be thinking about how we can truly co-exist with the environment in a healthy and positive manner - for the sake of our and every other species on the planet. There's 100+ speakers, as well as workshops, cultural & music events. To make the most out of ETH Barcelona, you don't need any special skills or tools. Just bring yourself, an open mind - and your reusable cup, to keep the event's footprint as low as possible!

Toucans in Barcelona 🦜

  • James (Toucan Co-Founder)
  • JohnX (Head of Strategy)
  • Rob (Head of Operations)
  • Beth (Ops & Culture)
  • Ian (Head of Web3 Partnerships)
  • Ela (Community lead)

Our schedule at a glance πŸ“…

  • Toucans at our booth at the venue (scroll down to find out where exactly)
    When: July 6-8
  • James speaking about Regenerative Economics
    This is part of the "Regenerative Thinking" track
    When: July 7, 10.50-11.10am
  • SoLARPunk Exploration Workshop co-hosted by Beth, JeanneBloch, BudgetDynamic & sebnem
    Let the games begin! Participants will learn about scenario creation, various uses of games for co-designing Token Economies, and much more.
    When: July 7, 11.40am - 1.40pm
  • Frothy's Community Alchemy workshop co-hosted by Beth
    Design thinking workshop around community alchemy and community wellbeing for DAO participants.
    When: July 7, 3-5.30pm

πŸ‘‰ Get the Toucan Events Calendar
πŸ‘‰ Event venue: Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona
 PlaΓ§a de Willy Brandt, 11-14, Barcelona, 08019 Spain

Come find us πŸ‘‹

You're at ETH Barcelona? We want to meet you!

  • Talk to James, JohnX, or Rob about all things carbon x crypto & ReFi ecosystem growth Β 
  • Chat with Ian about our Builder Hub & cool web3 partnerships
  • Dive with Beth into topics of trust, decentralization & web3 values
  • Speak to Ela about building regeneration into the fabric of communities

You can find us at our booth (B4) here:

Let's also chat on our ETH Barcelona Discord channel!

Toucan is offsetting ETH Barcelona ✨🌎

We're very excited to be offsetting ETH Barcelona!!! To make sure we account for the right amount of carbon, we are collaborating with our friends and ETH Barcelona organizers DoinGud. We will share all details around the offsetting process in a separate blog post - stay tuned!

Things we'll share

  • How to calculate emissions for an event
  • What carbon we use to offset
  • The retirement transaction
  • A retirement certificate with all details around this planet-positive action

Want to offset your own emissions?

πŸ‘‰ Here's how
(Spoiler alert: It's super-easy and pretty much gas-free thanks to the efficient polygon blockchain!)
Are you interested in offsetting an event you are organizing? Reach out to Ian. We are happy to support you throughout the process!

Love what we are doing? πŸ’š

Want to help us build infrastructure to finance better climate solutions?

What is Toucan?
Toucan is building the technology to bring the world's supply of carbon credits onto energy-efficient blockchains and turn them into tokens that anyone can use. This paves the way for a more efficient and scalable global carbon market.